I have created a number of WordPress sites for individuals, non-profits and small businesses.

I wrote a custom PHP plugin for WordPress sites that allowed a python script to make an HTTP request to a hidden endpoint, extract the blog posts and send the content to a Machine Learning ingestion system that mapped the content into an interest graph.

I have customized WordPress sites, themes and added custom JavaScript and PHP code to provide features that are not found in any theme or plugin catalogue or repository. I have worked with Multisite backends and I have performance tuned $5/month commodity hosted blogs.

I can make you a basic WordPress site in less than an hour. I can create a custom WordPress site with the theme of your choice, contact forms, Social Media and full Google Analytics integration in less than a couple of hours.

Most design shops or firms will charge you $1,500-3,000.00 for this type of “custom” WP site and make you wait for weeks.

I will not.

I charge by the hour and will work with you until you’re satisfied. I can build you a solid WordPress site in about 4-8 hours on average, saving you thousands of dollars.